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“We had a great experience working with The Forge / Confetti on Transistor for iPhone and iPad, and would recommend them without reservation. We found they excelled at all aspects of game programming, and were impressed with their communication and production discipline. Thanks to their hard work, our game earned an Apple Editor’s Choice and experienced one of the smoothest launches of any of our titles.“ – Amir Rao, Studio Director, Supergiant Games

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Dynamic Global Illumination System

A fully dynamic global illumination system capable of simulating one to multiple light bounces.

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Dynamic Skydome System

A dynamic “plug and play” skydome system that is easy to integrate into your existing solutions.

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Post FX System

An easy-to-integrate extension to regular in-game camera systems that allows you to create many different camera types and perspective viewports—all on the fly.

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Game Editor and Content Altering Tool

A simple, straightforward, cross-platform scene creation and visualization tool—use to build, view, and modify 3D scenes with your custom assets.

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The Forge

Open-Source Cross-Platform Rendering Framework

Our ingenious framework can be used to produce rendering layers for custom next-gen game engines and provides building blocks for writing your own game engine quickly.

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