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We are experts in crafting custom game engines and tailoring existing engines to meet your needs. Read more about the details of our services below and feel welcome to get in touch if you need a quote, or would like to discuss your requirements further.

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Evaluating Your Game Engine

Let the experts at The Forge provide a detailed evaluation of your existing game engine and recommend improvements. Our two-week process involves examining your source code and interviewing your engineers, as well as measuring the performance of your engine on its hardware platform. We then compile data into a written report—giving you feedback on your engine's efficiency and appropriateness, and include a plan for the goals you want to achieve.

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Game Engine Optimization

At The Forge, we know a few subtle code changes can have a massive impact on performance and will help make an already great game engine even better. We will profile your engine—diving into its core rendering system and rooting-out CPU/GPU hotspots—tuning them to achieve peak performance and optimizing your engine to maximize the capabilities of the underlying hardware platform.

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Building Custom Engines

We build game engines from scratch, utilizing The Forge open-source rendering framework as a solid foundation. Custom engines offer our clients many advantages, including absolute source code control, specialized features and graphics effects, and optimum performance and functionality for their particular purpose. Let’s talk to see if a custom engine is right for you.

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Extending Your Game Engine

We can extend your existing game engine, modifying it to suit your needs by integrating new state-of-the-art features. Be it Unity, Unreal, CryEngine or a custom engine—The Forge will make it work better. Past extension projects include making engines cross-platform, adding advanced special effects and lighting, multi-core/multithreading, GPU particle systems—and more.

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Tools Development

Developers here at The Forge can examine the pipeline used to create your game and find ways to optimize the process by creating specialized tools suited to your needs. Past/current projects include asset optimization and visualization tools, scene editor tools, and extending profiler tools for new devices or specific needs.

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