We are hiring!

Do you want the chance to work with clients like Google, Microsoft, Activision, Qualcomm and other AAA studios??

This is an opportunity to join a world-leader in advanced real-time graphics who are working at the cutting-edge of the game industry. This role is on-site, based in Del Mar, CA.


The role involves writing clear, maintainable and portable code, whilst understanding the entire graphics engine architecture from game interface to API (primarily Vulkan).

Key requirements:

  • BSc or higher in Computer Science or relevant topic.
  • 2+ years experience with DirectX, Vulkan, Metal or other rendering API.
  • Professional experience creating a rendering engine or in graphics programming.

What makes you stand out:

  • Multiple platform experience, across a wide range of HW capabilities.
  • Active hobbyist developer, or with open source contributions.
  • Willingness to tackle a challenging technical assignment based on an open source rendering framework.
  • Experience optimizing GPUs.

For applying, please click the "Apply!" button and send your resume with a short introduction of yourself.