We are hiring!

The Forge Interactive is seeking a Graphics Engineer to help maintain, optimize, and extend cutting-edge graphics engines. The focus of the candidate will be on visual effects, developing graphics algorithms and optimizing engine code. The scope of the candidate's responsibilities will extend based on need and ability.

For applying, please click the "Apply!" button and send your resume with a short introduction of yourself.


Graphics Engineer

Graphics Engineer

Key Responsibilities

- Writes clear, maintainable, portable C/C++ code
- Understanding entire graphics engine architecture, from game interface to graphics API interface
- Writing and maintaining custom shaders across a range of hardware
- Works well with other engineers, artists and designers
- Accurately estimates his/her schedules and delivers high quality work products to that schedule

Required Skills

- Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
- Experience with DirectX 12, Vulkan, Metal, or other current rendering API
- Experience creating a rendering engine
- 3+ years professional software development experience
- 2+ years professional graphics programming experience
- Expertise in building multithreaded, real-time systems
- Experience writing systems balancing performance and maintainability
- Excellent analytical and mathematical skills
- Strong interpersonal skills and problem solving ability

Recommended Skills

- Experience across multiple platforms or wide range of hardware capabilities
- Experience profiling and optimizing both CPU and GPU utilization