2022 - A Retrospective

First of all, we would like to thank everyone who worked with us and / or recommended us. Thanks for your trust! We will not disappoint you.

The year 2022 exceeded all our expectations in growth and company development. We built even more loyal customer relationships with integrity and trust. We grew our own senior and principal level even more so that we have more leadership in the company with distributed responsibility. We are hoping to continue our growth in projects, people and profits this way even more. To be prepared for our continued growth we moved again into a newer and bigger office in Del Mar, leaving the Solana Beach office building that we moved into in 2021 behind.


The new office has now an entertainment corner and a sound-proof booth for audio programming.

Like in previous years one of the reasons for our on-going growth is the success of our open-source rendering framework The Forge. It now runs in even more AAA game engines, business application frameworks and is actively used to bring "old game IP" -sometimes 20 years old- to new platforms. One of the projects we worked on over the years was announced:


We helped integrating The Forge into this game engine in 2019.

The Forge is also used in projects that need more custom solutions like in the visualization and movie industry. Many conversations we have with hardware and software companies start around this framework. It helps us to test drivers, define API standards and -most important- ships games :-) We can "upgrade" game engines in a fraction of the time it would take to write custom code each time.


The list of most notable projects is populated with some of the most exciting and successful games and applications:

Activision Call of Duty Warzone Mobile
We are helping with this title now since August 2020. We added Vulkan support to the engine, Android support, made the engine more mobile friendly and work with the main hardware vendors on driver fixes and help them to improve their Vulkan support.

Hello Games No Man's Sky
We are helping to bring this game to macOS and iOS since November 2021. The macOS version was featured on Apple's WWDC 2022

Hypixel Studios
Since May last year, we are helping Hypixel to develop a new game engine with the help of The Forge rendering framework.

We can't wait to see the excitement this new game engine will create.

Since more than three years we are refactoring parts of the Qualcomm VR SDK. When someone develops on Qualcomm hardware new VR experiences he is using the Qualcomm VR SDK because any vendor SDK is build on top of it. We are improving this SDK with the focus on performance and quality. A major focus for this project is to ensure the SDK is compatible with the latest OpenXR specification. We also enable support of future hardware.

Qualcomm VR SDK

Meta Quest SDK Examples
This year we worked again on several projects, extending Unreal Engine and Unity integration with better Quest support.

Meta Big Box Population:ONE for Quest
Over the last four+ years we helped several games to launch on the Oculus Quest platform. Population:ONE was the first one using the Unity game engine.


Turn 10 Forza Motorsport
We are helping with Forza Motorsport since September 2021.

Grit is a Battle Royale game depicting the ultimate version of the Wild West. It uses the Unreal Engine and we worked on performance optimizations for lower-end PC hardware.

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