2014 - A Retrospective

In the nearly six years of Confetti’s existence, this was by far the most exciting, most successful and most colorful year. This year we got the chance to work with many AAA teams and help them fulfill their vision of a great game.

At the beginning of the year we worked on Murdered – Soul Suspect on a wide range of visual effects and engine optimizations.For AMD we worked on CPU optimizations for the new Futuremark Benchmark.After more than a year of working on Star Citizen, we finished our tasks in the second half of the year. We worked on a wide range of rendering challenges like Nebula particles and distribution, Volumetric Explosions, Order-Independent Transparency and on the Capital Ship Damage system.

Our first customer Qualcomm works with us since more than five years. We are very proud of that relationship. This year we spent some time in the Qualcomm offices in San Diego and India.

Super Evil Mega Corp has a winner in their hands with Vainglory. We are proud to add new features to this game and enjoy working on new features.

Transistor has one of the best user review scores on Steam. We feel honored to have been asked to help bringing the game to new platforms.

Amazon Game Studios is becoming a technology powerhouse. We help by adding features to their engine.

We had and still have a great time on working with Dolby on future monitor technologies. Extending Unreal Engine 4 to run a wider range of color and brightness values is a challenge just right up our alley.

AMD involved us with optimizing the GPU usage of Dirt 4. Like its predecessors the game looks super awesome and now runs a bit faster.

We also worked on a wide range of new tech that we developed in-house, like for example Volumetric Explosions, new PostFX and others. Our middleware packages Aura, Ephemeris and PixelPuzzle evolved and are running efficiently on PC, PS4 and XBOX One.

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